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Last Updated on May 22, 2018 by David Bryan

Magento features and benefits

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce open-source platforms and it powers millions of online shops e-commerce sites throughout the world. Many businesses are able to download, configure and maintain their Magento CMS independently but others often look to Magento web designers to help – either in early stages or when the time is right to expand and develop the system.

Typical Magento services:

This article looks at some of the additional services they can provide:

  • Design – Most templates are free or available at low cost but the designers can help to customise with your own branding, configure the system and populate the store.
  • Development – from creating bespoke templates to customising multiple online stores, Magento expertise will make this process easy – and rewarding!
  • Integration – Magento designers will help you harness the power of sales platforms like eBay, Amazon and even Facebook. This will ultimately save time, maximise your sales opportunities and help deliver extra sales and better margins.
  • Extensions – One of Magento’s key features is the number of extensions, plug-ins and apps developed by a whole world of developers. Many of these are free but you might need help to choose the best available options and configure your chosen plug-in.
  • Support – Downtime or bugs are not just a pain for an e-commerce website, they will actually cost sales and damage reputation. Knowing that there is expert support available if required is essential.
  • Upgrades – keeping your website up-to-date as new versions of Magento are released is vital so that we can help take advantage of the latest functionalities and keep secure.
  • Marketing – You may need help in ensuring your website can be found through search engines, social media, content marketing and others methods and a Magento designer can help or at least point you in the right direction.

There are many other services offered by Magento designers so if you have a particular requirement – ask. One advantage with a popular CMS system such as Magento is that there are usually a number of local experts so you are not tied into one single specialist or website design company; if they let you down or are unable to help, there will be other options available.

Always take time to explore the level of experience and expertise of the company you are planning to partner with – check out the websites they have helped build and the companies they have acted for. Make sure estimates are in writing, detailing what will be included.

With Magento and the right partner, you will soon be harnessing the growing market for online sales.

Image credit – Arnaud Ligny

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